Helping you to improve the management of your incoming mail. 

ParcelTrak is a web-based application that allows you to scan, log and track all mail movement, alerting recipients via email of receipt into the building and delivery to desk or collection from reception.

Designed for busy mailrooms, ParcelTrak allows you to manage all your mail activity from an iPad, tablet or device of your choice.

Easily configured, and practical to use, ParcelTrak provides an efficient solution to mail management. 

How it works

ParcelTrak improves efficiency in mailrooms and receptions through barcode scanning, logging and tracking all mail movement.

Easily configured with your active directory, you can send an email notification alerting recipients that their mail has arrived and when it has been delivered to their desk or collected from reception.

Desk drops delivered internally by your mailroom can be assigned to messengers so that it can be delivered within your building or alternatively marked for collection by an assigned recipient.   

Benefits include:

  • Improved security - all items are fully tracked from receipt to collection or delivery
  • Increased post room/reception efficiency
  • Increased staff accountability of mail items
  • No software/application costs
  • Simple to use - intuitive for end users and administrators
  • Flexible system hardware requirements - works well with all Apple and Android handsets 


Features include: 

  • Not carrier specific
  • Automated emails on receipt and delivery to intended recipients
  • Full audit trail and proof of delivery from post room/reception to recipient
  • Scanning capability - can create and scan ParcelTrak barcodes


Contact one of our specialists who will be happy to show you ParcelTrak powered by CitySprint in action.